Wordle Daily Hints and Solutions

Aneejian · Feb 07, 2022 · 3 mins read.

Wordle Daily Hints and Solutions

I recommend not revealing more than a couple of hints to get the real feel of the game.

Reveal Letters

You might lose all the fun as the tiles below can reveal the whole answer to the puzzle. Use only when you are completely stuck.

Click the squares below to reveal each letter.

I hope you will try playing without revealing letters.

Wordle is a daily puzzle game that has become popular. If you are stuck at any level, click the reveal hints button to gain basic insights about the word. If you cannot still solve the puzzle, you can reveal the answer by clicking the grid of squares that appear after all the hints are shown.

This tool is completely automatic. The latest puzzle hints will get revealed at midnight in your time zone.

Before revealing hints, click here to see the type of hints and how it reaches the final answer. This can prevent accidental reveal of the word.

Hint Levels

There are five hint levels for this tool.

Suggested starting word

It gives the best word you can start with to beat the game.

Basic Hints

It gives basic information about the word like the number of vowels, its position etc.

Language Hints

It gives parts of speech of the word and its definition. We use a free dictionary API to get word definitions. At times this can fail. On failure, this hint level won’t be displayed.

Letter Hints

This reveals all the vowels in the word. In case of no vowels, it will show a random letter with its position specified.

Letter Reveal

This will show all the tiles for the word. Letters will be hidden by default. Clicking on each tile will reveal the letter.

Tips to win Wordle without hints

  1. The first word is key. Make sure that you choose a word with five unique letters and maximum vowels. SLICE is a good word to start with.

  2. Use common letters for your guess. The most common letters in the English language are a, e, i, o, t, n, s, h and r.

  3. Use words that use these most common letters.

  4. Do not reuse letters that you already used.

  5. Have a list of five-letter words handy.

View hints for old puzzles

If for any reason you want to see the hints for previous Wordle puzzles, append the puzzle id prefixed with a question mark in the page URL.

For example, if you want to see the hints for puzzle 233 in which the word was ELDER, use the URL https://aneejian.com/wordle-solver/?233.

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