Reporting Modes in UFT

    Reporter object in UFT has different reporting modes. This post discusses about various mode available in reporter object.

    Available reporting modes in UFT are

    Report ModeDescription
    0 or rfEnableAllAll events are displayed in the Run Results.
    This is the Default report mode
    1 or rfEnableErrorsAndWarningsOnly events with a warning or fail status are displayed in the Run Results.
    2 or rfEnableErrorsOnlyOnly events with a fail status are displayed in the Run Results.
    3 or rfDisableAllNo events are displayed in the Run Results.

    You can use the Report.Filter method to determine which steps or types of steps are included in the Run Results. You can completely disable or enable reporting of steps following the statement, or you can indicate that you only want subsequent failed or failed and warning steps to be included in the report. You can also use the Report.Filter method to retrieve the current report mode.

    Reporter.Filter = rfDisableAllDisables reporting of subsequent steps.
    Reporter.Filter = rfEnableAllEnables reporting of subsequent steps.
    Reporter.Filter = rfEnableErrorsOnlyInstructs UFT to include only subsequent failed steps in the Run Results.
    Reporter.Filter = rfEnableErrorsAndWarningsInstructs UFT to include only subsequent Failed or Warning steps in the Run Results
    myReportMode = Reporter.FilterReturns current Report Mode.

    Sample Code

    Dim myReportMode
    reporter.Filter = rfDisableAll
    reporter.Filter = rfEnableAll
    reporter.Filter = rfEnableErrorsOnly
    reporter.Filter = rfEnableErrorsAndWarnings
    Sub PrintReportMode(ByVal reportModeName)
     myReportMode = reporter.Filter
     print myReportMode & " - " & reportModeName
    End Sub

    The output of the above sample code would be

    3 - rfDisableAll
    0 - rfEnableAll
    2 - rfEnableErrorsOnly
    1 - rfEnableErrorsAndWarnings

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