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How to fix Date Time data type issue in Blue Prism?
18 Mar 2020

Know more about the date time issue while using the code stage in Blue Prism and understand how to fix it by dealing with the UTC offset.

How to deserialize JSON in UiPath?
27 Feb 2020

Tutorial on how to properly deserialize JSON with UiPath Web Activities. Explains the concept of JSON Array and JSON Object.

Dynamic or Variable Selectors in UiPath
28 May 2019

Tutorial on how to use dynamic selectors in UiPath. Explains how to use variables in UiPath selectors.

Change Case Excel Add-In
16 Apr 2018

Change Case Excel Add-In is a simple tool that can help you in changing the case of the selected cells in Excel.

Blue Prism Video Tutorial
03 Jul 2017

A well-structured video tutorial on Blue Prism, which could be the right starting point for your RPA career.

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HP ALM REST API - Get ALM Releases
30 Mar 2017

Tutorial on how to get releases under a project in HP ALM using REST API. Includes browser method, VB.NET and C# functions to get releases.