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PowerPoint Downsizer Add-In
23 Feb 2021

PowerPoint add-in to downsize presentations by removing unused layouts and master slides.

Using Inject JS Script Activity in UiPath
02 Feb 2021

A comprehensive guide on how to use Inject JS Script Activity in UiPath.

Set the version of Google Chrome browser opened by UiPath
02 Feb 2021

This post explains how to set the version of Google Chrome or any other browser opened by UiPath, when you have multiple versions installed.

Schedule meetings easily with Cortana Scheduler
12 Aug 2020

Learn more about Cortana scheduler and how it can help in scheduling meetings easily.

Automated Jekyll Archives for GitHub Pages
09 Aug 2020

Tutorial on how to setup automated archive pages for your Jekyll blog hosted with GitHub pages.

How to fix Date Time data type issue in Blue Prism?
18 Mar 2020

Know more about the date time issue while using the code stage in Blue Prism and understand how to fix it by dealing with the UTC offset.