HP ALM REST API - Get ALM Projects

Aneejian · Mar 22, 2017 · 5 mins read.

HP ALM REST API - Get ALM Projects

Tutorial on how to get projects from HP ALM using REST API. Includes the browser method, VB.NET and C# functions to get domains.

Web Browser Method

  • Open your favorite browser.
  • Enter HP ALM REST API URL: http://youralmserver:port/qcbin/api/authentication/sign-in
  • Enter your ALM User Name and Password in the prompt that you get on navigating to the above URL.
  • Once successful authentication has occurred you will get a blank page.
  • Now enter the URL to get domains in the same browser window: http://youralmserver:port/qcbin/api/domains/domainName/projects (domainName is the name of the domain whose projects you want to view. A domain name is case sensitive. Use the name as displayed in ALM.)
  • Once you enter this URL and press enter you will get the list of projects you have access to under the domain in XML format.

For ALM Versions prior to 12.53, in URLs, replace api with rest e.g. http://youralmserver:port/qcbin/rest/domains/domainName/projects

Refer HP ALM REST API - Authentication for details on how to sign-in in older versions of ALM.

Sample Output

 <Project UID="172a-321-543-1" Name="Project1" /> 
 <Project UID="172a-321-543-2" Name="Project2" /> 
 <Project UID="172a-321-543-3" Name="Project3" /> 
 <Project UID="172a-321-543-4" Name="Project4" /> 
 <Project UID="172a-321-543-5" Name="Project5" /> 

Code Method

Parameters Required

Parameter Example / Comments
HP ALM Base URL http://youralmurl:port/qcbin
HP ALM Domain Name Enter the name of the domain from which you want the list of projects. Refer HP ALM REST API - Get ALM Domains for details on how to get domains from ALM.
Authentication CookieContainer Pass the authentication cookie container obtained while you authenticated. Refer HP ALM REST API - Authentication for details.

For ALM Versions prior to 12.53, in the code replace /api/domains with /rest/domains.

VB.NET Code to get ALM Projects

Private Function GetProjects(almBaseUrl As String, domainName As String, authenticationCookieContainer As CookieContainer) As IEnumerable(Of String)
 Dim projectList = New List(Of String)()
 Dim projectRestApiUrl = $"{almBaseUrl}/api/domains/{domainName}/projects"
 Dim projectRequest = CType(WebRequest.Create(projectRestApiUrl), HttpWebRequest)
 projectRequest.CookieContainer = authenticationCookieContainer
 Dim projectRequestResponse = projectRequest.GetResponse()
 Dim projectRequestResponseStream = projectRequestResponse.GetResponseStream()
 If projectRequestResponseStream Is Nothing Then
  Return projectList
 End If
 Using responseReader = New StreamReader(projectRequestResponseStream)
  Dim responseString = responseReader.ReadToEnd()
  Dim responseXml = XElement.Parse(responseString)
  Dim projectQuery = From project In responseXml.Elements() Select New With {.projectName = project.Attribute("Name").Value}
  projectList.AddRange(projectQuery.[Select](Function(project) project.projectName))
 End Using
 Return projectList
End Function


Dim almProjects = GetProjects("http://youralmurl:port/qcbin", "Domain1", AuthenticationCookieContainer)
Console.WriteLine(almProjects.Aggregate(Function(a, b) a + vbLf + b))

C# Code to get ALM Projects

private static IEnumerable GetProjects(string almBaseUrl, string domainName, CookieContainer authenticationCookieContainer)
 var projectList = new List();
 var projectRestApiUrl = $"{almBaseUrl}/api/domains/{domainName}/projects";
 var projectRequest = (HttpWebRequest)WebRequest.Create(projectRestApiUrl);
 projectRequest.CookieContainer = authenticationCookieContainer;
 var projectRequestResponse = projectRequest.GetResponse();
 var projectRequestResponseStream = projectRequestResponse.GetResponseStream();
 if (projectRequestResponseStream == null) return projectList;
 using (var responseReader = new StreamReader(projectRequestResponseStream))
  var responseString = responseReader.ReadToEnd();
  var responseXml = XElement.Parse(responseString);
  var projectQuery = from project in responseXml.Elements()
         select new { projectName = project.Attribute("Name").Value };
  projectList.AddRange(projectQuery.Select(project => project.projectName));
 return projectList;


var almProjects = GetProjects("http://youralmurl:port/qcbin", "Domain1", authenticationCookieContainer);
Console.WriteLine(almProjects.Aggregate((a, b) => a + "\n" + b));

Sample Output