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How to get Wordle Stats and Streak Back

Aneejian · Feb 11, 2022 · 9 mins read.

How to get Wordle Stats and Streak Back

Wordle has officially moved to its new home, New York Times. With this move, many of you might have lost your hard-earned stats and streaks.

Other ways in which you can loose hard-earned streak and stats on NYT Wordle.

  • Using a new phone.
  • Using a new browser.
  • Clearing the browser data.
  • Some other errors with NYT site.

This tool is applicable for users who are not signed in to NYT website.

In this post, I will try to explain how you can regain the lost stats and streaks.

Wordle stores the stats and streaks in your browser’s local storage. So, we just need to head there and get our stats back.

How to regain the stats and Streak

1. Understand Wordle Stats

Consider the following statistics of a player as an example.

Games played:30
Current Streak: 10
Max Streak: 15

Guess Distribution
Games won with 1 guess: 0
Games won with 2 guesses: 0
Games won with 3 guesses: 4
Games won with 4 guesses: 7
Games won with 5 guesses: 8
Games won with 6 guesses: 9
Games lost after 6 guesses: 2 (not shown in Wordle graph)

Total games won: 0 + 0 + 4 + 7 + 8 + 9 = 28
Games lost: 30 - 28 = 2

Win percentage: (28/30)*100 = 93(rounded)

Average guesses: total guesses/games won = 134/28 = 5(rounded)

Wordle stores these stats in our browser’s local storage under a key name nyt-wordle-statistics. The stats for this user stored in Wordle will look like the below code. Click here to see how it looks from the game.

  "currentStreak": 10,
  "maxStreak": 15,
  "guesses": { "1": 0, "2": 0, "3": 4, "4": 7, "5": 8, "6": 9, "fail": 2 },
  "gamesPlayed": 30,
  "gamesWon": 28,
  "winPercentage": 93,
  "averageGuesses": 5

If you have a screenshot of your last statistics or if you remember it, you can easily create the statistics by following the steps below.

Parameters Explained

  • currentStreak: this shows the number of days you have played continuously.
  • maxStreak: this shows the max number of days you have played continuously.
  • guesses: this data is used to show the guess distribution graph. There will be 7 values. The first value represents the number of times you guessed a word on the first try. The second value represents how many times you guessed a word in the second try and so on. The seventh number shows how many times you failed. Ideally, the sum of these numbers will be the number of times you played the game.
  • gamesPlayed: total number of games played.
  • winPercentage: your win percentage.
  • gamesWon: number of games you have won
  • averageGuesses: average of the number of guesses you make to win. Don’t bother much about this value, as it will get auto calculated the next time you play the game.

2 Generate your Wordle status

Use the Wordle Stats generator tool to generate your statistics.

Click here to understand how to fill the data.

Wordle Statistics Generator

This data goes to your guess distribution graph. Enter 7 comma-separated values. The sum of these numbers will be the total number of games you played. 7th number represents the number of games you failed. Fields below get auto-updated based on your entries.

4. Enter the stats on the Wordle site using the generated console code

  • Navigate to the NYT Wordle website on Google Chrome, Edge or any modern browser.
  • Press F12 to launch developer tools.
  • Navigate to the Console tab.
  • Paste the console code string and press enter.

Click to know how to open the JavaScript console in different browsers?

How do I open developer tools console in Chrome on Android device?

To open developer tool console, you cna use remote debugging.

  1. Connect your android device.
  2. Select your device: More tools > Remote devices from dev tools on pc/mac.
  3. Authorize on your mobile.

Refer official documentation.

How do I open developer tools console in Chrome on IOS device? (not tested)

  1. Open chrome browser on iPhone.
  2. Open a new tab and type chrome://inspect
  3. Click on Start Logging.
  4. Navigate to Wordle.

That’s it, you will get your well-earned stats and streaks back.